MICROSOFT FRONT PAGE 2007Computer is a digital device that requires a environment in which its hardware can interconnect and operate efficiently. For a modern personal computer can be offered various operational systems, but the most popular and used are undoubtedly Windows, Mac OS and Ubuntu. Each one of them has its features, tools and technical specifications, because of those they’ve gained the current audience. Windows has a bigger share on the market then the other two operating systems. Most users say that its because it isn’t so complicated as Ubuntu and not so restricted as Mac OS. It is a perfect balance between these two, yet Mac OS and Ubuntu have their strong point in comparison with Windows that please their users.

If you are a Windows operating system user than you had to hear about Microsoft Corporation. Microsoft is the founder of Windows operating system, but besides maintaining and developing new version of this operating system they also have other products to offer to the public. It is a hardware and software development company. The Xbox consoles are also Microsoft’s creation, and have a huge popularity on the market that rivals only with the PlayStation. From the software there are various products, but the most well known is of course the Microsoft Office software package.

Microsoft Office is a software package developed specifically for Windows operating system, though for a short time it also extends for Mac OS systems with some differences, and offers its user a variety of applications that can come in handy for most computer work activities. Microsoft Office was initially released in 1990, though compared to today’s package it was composed of only three applications: Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel and Microsoft PowerPoint. It seems a bit disappointing, but for a first version this was enough. Microsoft Word represented a professional text editor that could easily type, edit and structure any document in any way the user wanted. Microsoft Excel is a mathematical program that allows its users to do basic and advanced calculations in accountancy, science and other fields, also to make various graphs up to intermediate level. And finally Microsoft PowerPoint allowed its users to create a professional slide show that could be used in any kind of presentation be it at school, university or work.

As time passed the Microsoft Office software package evolved, changing and upgrading old applications as well as adding new ones. And starting from Microsoft Office 97 which could offer up to fourteen different applications! Among these applications you could find a software specifically designed for web site editing and administrating called Microsoft FrontPage!
Microsoft FrontPage was something new in the Microsoft Office package line. Though the software itself wasn’t build entirely from core by Microsoft Corporation. The initial version of FrontPage was released by a Cambridge, Massachusetts company called Vermeer Technologies Inc. So as you can see the program had some tweaks and works done upon it before Microsoft acquired it in 1996. When FrontPage became Microsoft’s property they integrated it with their browser, Internet Explorer, and thus creating a WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) web site editor. WYSIWYG editors were something new for that period, it may give less options for a site creator, but it also allows a novice in this field to create a beautiful and stable web site. It is because the HTML code is hidden from the user and everything is made through a graphical interface, in this case Internet Explorer, everything you do, create, move, clear is done real time and you see how you’re site will look like.

As time passed, FrontPage’s popularity increased and Microsoft tended to maintain the software and add some new features into it in every new Microsoft Office package. Therefor we received an updated version of Microsoft FrontPage in Microsoft Office 2003 and Microsoft Office 2007! The updates changed the interface drastically, added new tools, new option and many more! Creating a site wasn’t this simple in a long time. Although you can create a simple site for your small business or hobby, to create a professional site you will need skill to operate in a HTML code, because not all can be achieved only through a graphical interface. Microsoft FrontPage 2007 allows its user to switch between a graphical and text interface when he wants, so if you master both methods you will undoubtedly create a site on a professional level!

Microsoft FrontPage 2007 can only be obtained by buying the whole Microsoft Office 2007 software package from Microsoft Corporation for a fee. Yet, we offer a free chance to obtain this software for free. You will obtain a genuine Microsoft FrontPage 2007 that can be found in a Microsoft Office 2007 package and it won’t cost you a thing!


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